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Store Features that Emotionally Connect with Your Shoppers

Features & Feature walls are a great way to connect with your shoppers and your community through “placemaking.” Time and again we see that emotional connections are important behavioral drivers, and by featuring something iconic - think mascot, insignia, or things that are larger than life (or just plain [...]

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Success Stories: ICSR 2021 Award Winners Share the Secrets to their Award-winning Success

The annual Independent College Stores Report - ISCR - is a joint effort between ICBA and the Large Stores Group (LSG). Resulting from data collected via the ICSR survey, the Report is a great benchmarking tool, including both financial & operational survey questions. Each year and based upon certain criteria, ICSR survey [...]

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Concerning Nebraska Book Company Ceasing Operations Effective Wednesday, March 1

With the major industry news that Nebraska Book Company is ceasing operations Wednesday, March 1, ICBA intends to provide updates from Nebraska Book Company as they become available, as well as information on alternative solutions to our Members as it is available. ICBA is saddened by these developments and we wish those who have [...]

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Excitement’s Building; Why You Should Attend ICBA 2023 Conference & PRIMEtime

A week and a half into registration, both Store Members and Conference Exhibitors are registering at an early, healthy clip! There are lots of reasons to attend ICBA 2023 Conference & PRIMEtime, Feb 6-9 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas! Watch the video below to see WHY excitement’s building!  And check [...]

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Dive into Great, Curated “Back to Basics” Marketing Advice

In this post, we’ve aggregated three great articles for you that strategize on specific digital marketing tactics. All three guides are from the folks at Orbit Media. If that name sounds familiar, Orbit Media’s co-founder and Strategic Director Andy Crestodina has spoken in the Marketing Track at several ICBA Conferences, including at this past [...]

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7 Big-picture Stats on the State of Digital Marketing

You might even say 'big picture, little screen,' since so much of what we've seen includes mobile! Here's a quick peek at figures that portend trends in digital commerce, social, & mobile...along with some food for thought on the opportunities for independent college stores. 1. By 2025, mobile commerce will likely generate more than [...]

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In Their Own Words: Reasons to Attend The ICBA Conference

The Annual ICBA Conference is the most practical embodiment of ICBA's Vision for our Member Community: "Strong. Successful. Independent. Together." Each year ICBA conducts a post-Conference survey and includes the opportunity for attendees to comment on their Conference experience. Here are some of the responses received after the 2021 Conference. ICBA never disappoints! Always [...]

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Content Planning Help: Intriguing “Days of the Year”

Here’s a little extra info you can use to answer “What’s the date?” We’ve curated some recognizable, interesting, and out-of-the-box observation days/holidays as a social media planning resource for ICBA Members (There are many, many more!). Below are some of the days ; with this short list being far from exhaustive, you can find [...]

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Insights from the 2020 Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show

The ICBA team just returned from the 2020 Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show (SLTS) in Las Vegas. Here are their key insights and observations that are relevant for ICBA Members and that will affect the college store market: If you are not that familiar with the SLTS, it features [...]

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