ICBA Store2Store Discussions provide a forum where store leadership can discuss important topics, pressing issues, and identify opportunities for collaborative solutions. Discussions build on the constant flow of ideas and encourage open conversation. Everyone benefits from sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Store2Store Discussions occur both formally and informally. Organized discussions occur via Zoom calls and each year at the ICBA Conference. They are grouped by store size, common interests, and common challenges to ensure the ideas discussed are relevant and actionable. Throughout the year, ICBA also hosts small informal gatherings at industry events for Member Stores to connect.

Our next STORE2STORE DISCUSSIONS will take place in June 2024. 

If you are an ICBA Member Store, check that you are logged in so you can view the link to register in upcoming event postings below.


Download recaps of past Store2Store calls to catch up anything you may have missed.

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