ICBA PRIMEtime Conference for Exhibitors

Meet and network with the key retailers who buy and sell your products through private pre-scheduled meetings

Exhibitors: Register Now for Conference 2022!

Exhibitor registration is now open for our dual Conference events in February 2022 - in-person in Orlando, then virtually several days later - providing our Members and Vendor Partners the best of both worlds when it comes to Networking, Education, & Programs.

Full Conference and PRIMEtime 2022 details here!


The perfect setting to make connections, build trust, and establish winning relationships!

ICBA PRIMEtime is an opportunity to meet directly with the decision-makers at top college stores throughout the US and Canada. With $1.75 billion in aggregate annual sales, ICBA’s 200+ members average nearly $8 million in sales per store. Compare that to the national average college store volume of $2.4 million per store and you'll see why you can't afford to miss this event!

The private PRIMEtime Buyer meetings give you the opportunity to interact with each ICBA store in a way that is not available elsewhere in the industry. 


  • Select Your Product Category

    We offer a unique format with pre-scheduled 10- or 20-minute formal meetings in either a private suite or a more traditional tradeshow setting. With our all-inclusive format, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with our attendees, beginning with our Open House Preview Night and during all meals and social events.

  • Register to be an Exhibitor

    Watch for details on ICBA 2022 Registration!

  • Plan for Your Meetings

    Prior to the Conference, ICBA will send you a personalized meeting schedule to help you prepare for your meetings with Buyers.

  • Attend the ICBA Conference

    You're all set! Come to the Conference with everything you need to have productive meetings with Buyers from top college stores.


Representatives from bookstores of the following institutions attended ICBA 2021:


Hope to see you at ICBA 2022, in Orlando Feb 4-7, and virtually Feb 11, 14-18!