The Annual ICBA Conference is the most practical embodiment of ICBA's Vision for our Member Community: "Strong. Successful. Independent. Together."

Each year ICBA conducts a post-Conference survey and includes the opportunity for attendees to comment on their Conference experience. Here are some of the responses received after the 2021 Conference.

ICBA never disappoints! Always the premier go-to source for our industry. Forward-thinking and driven to help support stores and vendors succeed.

ICBA truly cares about meeting the needs of members, and strives to provide relevant and actionable sessions for conference goers to experience.

The ICBA conference was extremely beneficial in seeing the vastness of our industry. It gave me a new perspective on my own store and the future of the industry. Sometimes, I do feel like it is easy to disregard our industry because 'we are just a store,' or 'we just sell books and clothes.' But I think seeing a whole community that is enthusiastic and hopeful for our industry has been extremely impactful for me.

ICBA provides in-depth education on the most timely topics.

The ICBA team and stores involved in ICBA are just wonderful! It is always nice to catch up and discuss ways we can all push each other to be better in the business.

ICBA provides a powerful delivery of high level information and communication that would be very time consuming and difficult to acquire otherwise. I have walked away with valuable insights both personally and professionally at each ICBA event.

I was very apprehensive about an all virtual conference. You did it ICBA staff! You rocked it!! Same quality education. Same quality vendor meetings. Same quality networking opportunities. Lots of learning, lots of takeaways, lots of laughs, and lots of fun. Of course NOTHING beats in person conferences, but this was an amazing and extremely close second. Thank you for a well thought out, incredible ICBA! Hope to see you next year!!

ICBA - a place where independent college stores openly share retail ideas, successes, and opportunities because we do not compete for each other's business! It's a win/win!

Thank you all for your hard work. I think for your first virtual conference you knocked it out of the park!

Very informative and engaging. This was my first conference, and with it being virtual, it allowed great flexibility for me to participate on my own schedule.

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