Our Buyer2Buyer discussions are interactive, open discussions that give Buyers the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss top issues and trends of the day, and solve common challenges.

Buyer2Buyer calls take place each fall and summer and complement the valuable “Smartest Thing” networking sessions that take place in-person at the ICBA Conference. Calls are scheduled by product category or store demographics to ensure the ideas discussed are relevant and actionable.

Our next BUYER2BUYER NETWORKING CALLS take place in June 2024.

View upcoming events including Networking Discussions at the link for ICBA Members below; Member Stores, check that you are logged in so you can view and register.


Download written recaps of past Buyer2Buyer calls and other calls you may have missed.

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The Smartest Thing, as part of the Buyer2Buyer programming, gathers campus store professionals for collaborative discussions at the annual ICBA Conference. During the Smartest Thing session, participants reflect on the past year, sharing what worked and what didn't. Buyers have the opportunity to learn from one another and even crowdsource solutions to their current problems. At the end of the session, participants discuss what they're planning to try next. Each participant then writes down the "Smartest Thing" they heard that day to share with the rest of the group and to take back to their store. 

ICBA The Smartest Thing