ICBA Online Institutes are our newest education program offering, designed to provide high-quality, relevant, actionable information to our Members. Our Online Institutes are a spinoff of our popular ICBA Institutes that take place each year, in-person, before our annual Conference. They are intensive courses of study that expose participants to the latest thinking and best practices in specific management disciplines.

Recognizing that some stores have limited travel capabilities or might prefer to have the curriculum delivered over several weeks, we wanted to make that same level of advanced education content available virtually, in a multi-part series of one-hour webinars.


Social Media & Email Marketing:
Strategies for Success Year-Round & in Times of Uncertainty

Presented by Marie Hale, @revenue & Sue Koch, Social Media Success Catalyst

In this three-part webinar series, Marie Hale of @revenue and Sue Koch, Social Media Success Catalyst, will discuss what is developing and trending in the world of social media and email marketing, as well as how to use these tools to quickly adapt to meet the needs of your customers. We'll take a closer look at social media and email separately, then bring it all together with a deep dive into how to use the analytics from both to ensure you're always in tune with your customers. A description of each of the three sessions is below.

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Social Media

The Social Refresh: The Latest Tips & Tactics in an Ever-Changing Landscape

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
2 PM ET / 1 PM CT / 12 PM MT / 11 AM PT

The social media landscape is a moving target. Just when you’ve mastered the algorithm and other ‘on trend’ tactics, something changes again. Now, in today’s world of social distancing, the challenge is even greater. 

We are trying to stay present in our business all while learning new business models and changing technologies. In response to these times, new tools are coming out to help us, but we must learn those things as we are adapting to new ways of doing business. 

In this webinar, we’ll cut through the hype to master the important tactics and best practices that will help you implement your social media strategy with success. 


  • Three things you can do differently today to maximize impact.
  • New tools and methods to help your business stay present and carry a strong personal brand into our new normal.
  • Checklist to ensure your channels are optimized to current standards & layouts.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing that Creates Engagement: Connection, Community, and Revenue

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
2 PM ET / 1 PM CT / 12 PM MT / 11 AM PT

Your store is so much more than a place to grab and go. As students look for ways to stay engaged and connected to their schools, your team has the opportunity to lead with heart, keep the school spirit alive and encourage sales throughout the whole school year. Marie Hale, sales and marketing leader from @revenue, is going to walk you through the transformations that are needed for your current email marketing program.


  • How to speak to your customer's pain and fears in a responsible way.
  • What calls to action and offers are engaging right now.
  • What to expect in the future and how you can recognize pivot points in your messaging.
Marketing Data

Metrics that Matter: Determining Success in Social Media & Email Marketing

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
2 PM ET / 1 PM CT / 12 PM MT / 11 AM PT

Likes, follows, clicks, shares, reactions; what do they all mean? Unless you’re looking at the right social stats and using them wisely, they don’t mean much.

Used wisely, your metrics become powerful tools that boost your bottom line. If you don’t dig deeper and leverage those numbers, you’re leaving money on the table.

This session delivers insights necessary to deepen your understanding of the numbers that drive social media and email marketing success. We'll also review the consideration of current times, which are causing businesses to see a greater decline in reach and traffic and a lot of competition in the newsfeed.

We'll discuss what this means in the context of benchmarks and potential advertising budgets.


  • What to look for depending on your phase of strategy (brand awareness, community & loyalty, and conversion).
  • A glossary of terms because each channel may look at things differently.
  • A template you can use to simplify your data gathering and analysis.


Marie Hale, @revenue

Marie Hale, CEO, @revenue

Marie Hale, CEO, @revenue CEO

For more than 20 years, Marie has revolutionized small business marketing and sales through her consulting and training, speaking, and generally stirring things up! Working with customer service reps and executives alike, her fire-y brand of no-nonsense how-tos and ability to turn even the biggest introvert into a proud sales pro, Marie creates impact everywhere she goes. 

Marie was honored to accept the Midwest Women in Tech Leadership Award for Marketing and Media as well as the Expertise Award in Chicago Marketing Firm 2019 .

Sue Koch, Social Media Success Catalyst

Sue Koch, Social Media Success Catalyst

After leaving her corporate SVP post in 2009 and growing her own consulting business using LinkedIn & Twitter, Sue Koch shifted her business model to become a social media success catalyst for others.

A sought-out leader in her industry, Ms. Koch has been hired to speak by Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture and Oracle.

Sue has a unique ability to make social media easy to understand & actionable for her audience. She guides companies of all sizes through the ever-changing complexities of social media marketing and aids them in developing the strategies they need to thrive in an intensely competitive business environment.


The Optimized Bookstore Website (Spring 2019)

We believe that the experience your customers have online is as important as the experience they have in your store. Just as you make regular adjustments to your store’s floor or displays, you need to make regular adjustments to your website to meet your customers’ needs. But how do you know that your customers are finding what they’re looking for on your website? And what can you do to make it more effective without breaking your budget? We have good news: there are small changes you can make along the way to improve your customer experience online.

Web expert Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media provides valuable insight and knowledge to enable you to be more effective selling and promoting your products online. Each session includes Andy's reviews of bookstore websites, in which he gives feedback on what to change or enhance.

The Optimized Bookstore Website is divided into three sessions: 

  • First Clicks: From Home Page to Top Products

  • Deeper Clicks and eCommerce Sales

  • The Connected Bookstore Website

Visual Merchandising Online Institute (Spring 2018)

The Visual Merchandising Online Institute (VMOI) reviews and builds on effective VM strategies and techniques with the goal of uniting VM as a signature marketing tool and key component in driving conversions and sales. Each of the webinars is valuable as a standalone session, but together, they provide a comprehensive array of tips and ideas to maximize your VM efforts. Whether you have full-time VM associates, or if VM is a part of everyone’s job, the VMOI will emphasize practical and realistic techniques that don’t require a big budget or a massive store remodel.

The VMOI will help you improve the shopping experience, beginning the moment the shopper engages and interacts with the visual environment to the moment they exit the store as a satisfied customer!

The VMOI is divided into four sessions: 

  • Exteriors: The First Marketing Moment

  • The Transition Zone: Engagement Starts Here

  • Touch Please: VM Techniques to Support Personalization, Engagement, & Sales

  • Turf-Defending: The Importance of Clear Branding and Visual Communication Across Departments

Managing Your Most Important Resource (Fall 2017)

Managing Your Most Important Resource was developed exclusively for ICBA by Audrey Southard, former SVP or Human Resources for Follett Higher Education Group. As an integrated series, it represents a comprehensive program, from HR strategy and succession planning to the nitty gritty of interviewing and performance appraisal.

Managing Your Most Important Resource is divided into four sessions: 

  • Recruiting for a Service and Value Mindset

  • Onboarding for Rush

  • Effective Performance Management

  • Looking to the Future: Succession Planning

ICBA Online Institutes are open to Members only and are available to those Members who paid to participate in that Online Institute. If you are an ICBA Member and are interested in viewing the recordings of past ICBA Institutes, email Office@ICBAinc.com.