Here’s a little extra info you can use to answer “What’s the date?” We’ve curated some recognizable, interesting, and out-of-the-box observation days/holidays as a social media planning resource for ICBA Members (There are many, many more!). Below are some of the days during Sep/Oct 2021. With this short list being far from exhaustive, you can find these and other observations on sites such as and Have fun with your calendar! And watch this growing list for additional intriguing days of observation!

Curating Social Media Content

Aug 21
Natl. Senior Citizens Day

Aug 24
Natl. Waffle Day
Pluto Demoted Day

Aug 26
Women’s Equality Day
Natl. Dog Day

Aug 27
Natl. Just Because Day

Aug 30
Natl. Beach Day
Natl. Holistic Pet Day

Aug 31
Eat Outside Day
World Distance Learning Day

Sep 1
American Chess Day

Sep 3
Natl. College Colors Day

Sep 4
Natl. Wildlife Day

Sep 5
International Day of Charity

Sep 6
Natl. Read a Book Day

Sep 7
International Day of Clean Air
Natl. Beer Lover’s Day

Sep 8
International Literacy Day

Sep 9
Natl. Weiner Schnitzel Day

Sep 10
World Suicide Prevention Day

Sep 11
Patriot Day

Sep 12
Grandparents Day
Natl. Video Games Day

Sep 14
Natl. Coloring Day

Sep 15
Natl. Online Learning Day

Sep 16
Natl. Guacamole Day

Sep 17
International Country Music Day

Sep 18
Batman Day
Natl. Gymnastics Day
Natl. Dance Day
Natl. Cheeseburger Day

Sep 19
Natl. Cleanup Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Wife Appreciation Day

Sep 20
Natl. Punch Day
Natl. Queso Day

Sep 21
International Day of Peace
Miniature Golf Day
Natl. IT Professionals Day

Sep 22
Fall Equinox
Hobbit Day
Natl. Ice Cream Cone Day
Natl. Singles Day
Natl. White Chocolate Day

Sep 24
Natl. Punctuation Day
World Bollywood Day

Sep 25
Natl. Comic Book Day
Natl. Cooking Day
Natl. Daughters Day
Natl. Public Lands Day

Sep 26
Family Health & Fitness Day USA
Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day
Natl. Pancake Day
Natl. Family Day
Natl. Dumpling Day
World Heart Day

Sep 27
Natl. Chocolate Milk Day
Natl. Crush (A Can) Day

Sep 28
Natl. Ask a Stupid Question Day
Natl. Neighbor Day
Natl. Voter Registration Day

Sep 29
Natl. Coffee Day

Sep 30
International Podcast Day
Natl. Love People Day

Oct 1
World Smile Day

Oct 3
Natl. Techies Day
Natl. Boyfriend Day

Oct 4
Natl. Golf Lover’s Day

Oct 5
Natl. Get Funky Day

Oct 6
Natl. Coaches Day
Natl. Plus Size Appreciation Day

Oct 7
Natl. LED Light Day

Nov 26
Native American Heritage Day

Nov 27
Small Business Saturday

Nov 29
Cyber Monday

Nov 30
Giving Tuesday

Dec 1
World AIDS Day

Dec 2
Natl. Mutt Day

Dec 3
Intl. Day of Persons with Disabilities
Bartender Appreciation Day
Intl. Sweater Vestival Day

Dec 4
Natl. Cookie Day
Natl. Sock Day

Dec 5
Bathtub Party Day
World Soil Day

Dec 6
Natl. Microwave Oven Day
Walt Disney Day

Dec 7
Natl. Letter Writing Day
World Trick Shot Day

Dec 8
Natl. Brownie Day
Natl. Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Dec 9
Intl. Day of Veterinary Medicine
Techno Day
Natl. Llama Day

Dec 10
Natl. Lager Day
Dewey Decimal System Day
Human Rights Day
Nobel Prize Day

Dec 11
Intl. Mountain Day

Dec 12
Gingerbread House Day

Dec 13
US Natl. Guard Birthday
Natl. Cocoa Day
Natl. Horse Day
Natl. Salesperson Day

Dec 15
Natl. Cat Herders Day
Intl. Tea Day

Dec 16
Natl. Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Dec 17
Natl. Maple Syrup Day
Natl. Ugly Sweater Day