Each year, ICBA Members receive a detailed savings report that reflects the benefits and savings they receive from the Vendor Programs negotiated by ICBA on their behalf.

As ICBA develops partnerships with vendors, we work on behalf of the Members to negotiate favorable terms that may include one or more of the following: purchase discounts, freight benefits, reduced minimum order requirements, extended payment terms, returns and/or stock balancing privileges, exclusive promotions, fixtures, marketing support materials, and more.

Return on your ICBA Membership Investment

The ICBA Savings Report highlights the specific value Members are receiving from ICBA Vendor Programs. ICBA’s Annual Vendor Partners provide us with activity reports (net purchases) for each ICBA Member during the calendar year. These reports comprise the savings reports we distribute to Members in May/June.

ICBA calculates savings based on the difference between a vendor's "regular" prices/terms vs those offered to ICBA Members. For example, if a vendor offers a 5% discount to ICBA Members, and net purchases were $9,500, the ICBA savings for that store from that vendor would be $500 on gross purchases of $10,000.

The ICBA Savings Report is divided into two sections:

Savings Reports are sent to ICBA Members in May/June. If you're an ICBA Member, check that you are logged in and head to your Member Dashboard. Click the left icon at the top of the page or scroll down to the "My Store Details" section. Your Savings Reports can be found under the "My Programs" tab.

View the full list of ICBA Annual Vendor Programs. Members, you can also access the full details about individual vendor programs on the Member Dashboard.