At our July 2020 ICBA Board & Staff Strategic Planning Meeting, the ICBA Staff and Board of Directors discussed actions we could take to support social justice and combat racism. Below is a list of actions the Board and Staff agreed would be impactful and beneficial.

We’ve structured the list to reflect steps we have taken, what we will accomplish in the near-term, and what we are exploring for the long-term.

This list is a living document, and we will continue to add to and revise it over time. ICBA will provide a progress report in the November 2020 edition of The Independent newsletter. Please continue to refer to this page and reach out to us with any questions at Office@ICBAinc.com.

Resources for Stores
If you are looking for resources and articles about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and how you can create a more inclusive environment in your store, please visit the DEI Resources page.

To date, we have made the commitment to:

  • Meet regularly as a staff to discuss social justice and racism in an open forum where all views are respected

  • “Amplify & Share” Members’ social justice posts via ICBA’s social media channels

  • Ensure ICBA’s investment strategies focus on highly rated socially responsible mutual funds

  • Work with Vendor Partners to emphasize “Codes of Conduct” with regard to social justice

  • Institute an ICBA Staff Member Service Day (a paid day for volunteering at an organization of the employee’s choice)

  • Update the ICBA Policy Manual to include language supporting gender identity

  • Create a new section on web site related to social justice resources and initiatives

By September 15, 2020, we will:

  • Elect a staff member to act as a social justice “lead” to coordinate our efforts and be a main point of contact internally and externally. Once finalized, will share the details of this appointment with Members and Vendor Partners.

  • Invest in ICBA Staff training materials focusing on topics such as: diversity and inclusion, anti-racism, sexual harassment, and more.

During the coming year and beyond (September 15, 2020-April 30, 2021), we plan to:

  • Feature ICBA Members in networking discussions and educational webinars to share store and campus initiatives that promote diversity and anti-racism

  • Utilize a 3rd party to eliminate candidate names and pictures when hiring new ICBA associates, to reduce opportunities for subconscious bias

  • Seek and promote minority-owned Vendor Partners whenever possible to increase program diversity

  • Create an ICBA Diversity Statement

  • Create an ICBA Code of Conduct and a specific Code of Conduct for virtual and in-person events reinforcing a safe and anti-harassment environment

  • Provide anti-racism and Diversity & Inclusion resources and training materials for ICBA Member Stores to complement or augment what may already be available on their campuses