The annual Independent College Stores Report - ISCR - is a joint effort between ICBA and the Large Stores Group (LSG). Resulting from data collected via the ICSR survey, the Report is a great benchmarking tool, including both financial & operational survey questions. Each year and based upon certain criteria, ICSR survey participants are selected as award-winners across several ISCR operations and product management categories, including: Tech Products, Supply Products, Insignia Products, Course Materials, and Overall Store Management. Winners are announced and presented their award live at the ICBA Conference.

We also like to share deeper insights through looking back at the previous award winners. Below are presentations or videos of the 2020-2021 ICSR Award Winners' insight into the strategies and innovation behind their award-winning operations. Learn more about the ICSR and view details of the recently announced 2021-2022 winners here.

UC Davis Stores, Course Materials Management

View the presentation deck by UC Davis Stores on how they achieved Course Materials Management Excellence. Their digital-first Equitable Access model is one in which there are no used print textbooks. Through their EA model, UC Davis Stores realized significant revenue increases and lower unit prices from vendors that allowed them to provide 7,000 Equitable Access Grants to students. See how the program positively affected students and their course material acquisition experience.

UC Davis Stores Success Story, Course Materials

Slide from ICSR presentation deck on relationships

Titan Shops, Technology Products Management

View the presentation deck by Titan Shops at Cal State Fullerton on how they achieved Excellence in Technology Products Performance. By staying highly focused on service, the team was able to manage all aspects of the order, including trouble shooting and providing delivery anywhere on campus. They were able to provide such service by establishing numerous relationships across vendors, campus IT, and others. Check out their story!

Titan Shops Success Story, Tech Products

Slide from Auburn University Bookstore ICSR presentation on "Opportunity"

Auburn University Bookstore, Insignia Products Management

View the presentation deck by the Auburn University Bookstore on how they excelled in Insignia Products Performance. With a nod to the show “Friends” the AU Bookstore Team used a strategy called “PIVOT”, featuring a robust thought process and array of tactics. Check out how PIVOT helped in their success:

Auburn University Bookstore Success Story, Insignia Products

Slide from Cedarville University Bookstore ISCR presentation on graphics that the campus community really liked.

Cedarville University Bookstore, Insignia Product Management

View Cedarville’s presentation on how they achieved excellent Insignia Product Performance. With a Community and event-driven mindset, in addition to the realization that “we always had the parent, but we didn’t have the student,” the store tapped deeply into their understanding of their campus culture, allowing them to maintain demand with pulse-of-the-campus apparel, even as insignia product saturation increased.

Cedarville University Bookstore Success Story, Insignia Products

Mizzou Store, Supply Product Management

Watch the Mizzou Store video presentation featuring Dale Sanders reviewing their Supply Management strategy that helped them earn the 2020-2021 ICSR Excellence in Supplies Management Award. The critical factor was unbudgeted revenue, including significant revenue from Essential Supply Bundles that were left for each residence hall resident. Hear how Dale and his team thought through the student experience to provide peace of mind and an easy refund process.

The Mizzou Store Success Story, Supply Products

Still image from University Co-op Video on how the entrepreneurial "EOS" Model worked for them.

University Co-op, Excellence in Store Management

Watch the University Co-op’s video detailing how their adoption of the “EOS” Model (Entrepreneurial Management System) helped them earn the 2022 ICSR Excellence in Overall Store Management Award. Through weekly meetings and focusing on the “Six key Components” of the model, the store leadership team created efficiency, strategic buy-in, and more concrete processes and goals.

University Co-op Success Story, Store Management Excellence