The ICBA Conference is the place to be to exchange ideas, meet potential new partners, and learn from experts who can help you achieve your goals.

We’re very pleased to share that we have an ambitious plan to offer both an in-person Conference and a virtual Conference in February of 2022. They are not a “hybrid Conference” because they won't be simultaneous events, but they are instead “dual” Conferences. We’ll be conducting an in-person Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 4-7, at the DoubleTree Hotel near the Universal Theme Park. A priority for us was making the event as economical as possible, so we’re thrilled to share that hotel rooms will be at a very attractive price of just $145. You’ll also save via our “all-inclusive” format, which provides your meals, snacks, and beverages. Then, we’ll conduct a virtual Conference starting on February 11 and continuing on February 14-18. This will provide the “best of both worlds” to our entire Community as we all try to recover from the business challenges of the pandemic.

Read more about ICBA Conference 2022, In-person & Virtual in the latest issue of The Independent! And visit the the Conference event summary page to view agendas, Conference hotel info, & more. Stay tuned here for announcements regarding upcoming Store registration. 

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We are not your average conference.

The ICBA Conference is known for its industry-leading professional development, exclusive institutional store networking and collaboration, and dynamic round-robin Buyer and Vendor meetings.


The ICBA Conference provides in-depth, relevant, and actionable education that addresses the pressing issues facing our industry today, while offering a platform to initiate solutions. Sessions touch on the strategic and technical aspects of General Merchandising, Course Materials, Sales and Marketing, HR, Operations, eCommerce, and more. Speakers include a range of industry experts and store leaders. The annual ICBA Innovators session showcases how our Member Stores are successfully innovating and navigating our evolving industry.


The ICBA Conference is a chance for ICBA Members to connect, discuss common challenges, and develop shared solutions. The Conference offers several opportunities for both formal and informal networking. Store2Store discussions and Buyer2Buyer Smartest Thing discussions provide a forum to explore important topics, trends, and challenges with stores of a similar size or with fellow Buyers or Marketers.

Networking ICBA Conference


Members and Vendors have the opportunity to meet and explore partnership opportunities at the ICBA PRIMEtime event and Business Encounter meetings. ICBA's PRIMEtime allows buyers and vendors to interact in a dynamic round-robin format. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss new products, explore promotions and marketing opportunities, and negotiate and place orders. During Business Encounter sessions, a select group of ICBA Vendor Partners will present their latest offerings, provide insight into common challenges, and highlight opportunities to work together to better serve stores and institutions.


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We'll see you at ICBA Conference 2022, in-person in Orlando Feb 4-7, and virtually Feb 11, 14-18!

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