Features & Feature walls are a great way to connect with your shoppers and your community through “placemaking.” Time and again we see that emotional connections are important behavioral drivers, and by featuring something iconic - think mascot, insignia, or things that are larger than life (or just plain large) to your community members – these in-store visuals are engaging; they're both social feed photo-ready and ready to feed the energy of a shopping audience that is invested in being on your campus, whether for a first time at orientation, at graduation, or to get their intense game-day sensibilities on!

Features and feature walls make your community feel good. And that’s important both for the "everyday" and for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Much goes into the culture and community of placemaking, and this is one way to galvanize it, from families to fans, with logical photo ops.

Taking a cue from general retail, some innovative stores/print service operators may be able to further capitalize with more frequent visual messaging changeout as well as larger format substrates that could range from canvases and repositionable adhesives to magnetic surfaces or other materials.

Shown: Grand Valley State, Utah Valley, Colorado State, UC Boulder, Utah