ICBA connects you to leading independent college stores who represent $1.4 billion in total retail sales. Whether you are new or a veteran, ICBA can make introductions, enhance relationships, increase efficiency, and accelerate your success in the college store market. In turn, your participation in ICBA programs helps support the success of Member Stores.

ICBA Member Stores average $6.3M in annual sales
(vs. the college store average of $2M in annual sales)


ICBA has two primary ways in which ICBA vendors partner with ICBA Member stores.

A key aspect of ICBA’s mission is to help Vendor Partners succeed in the college store market. ICBA provides valuable insight and guidance to vendors who wish to succeed with college stores and ICBA Members. Contact us Vendor@ICBAinc.com for more information on ICBA Annual Vendor Programs and how ICBA can be a valuable component of your success in the college store channel.