From tactics to trends, there’s no shortage of podcasts that dive into all areas of marketing & retail. Here’s some of what we’re listening to -- from NIL (Name Image Likeness) and retail marketing to diversity & inclusion, Big Brand headlines, digital strategy, and the Metaverse. Whether these fit your bill for the right blend of entertainment, education, & nerding out – we wish you happy listening! These are available on various platforms; I access these via Spotify - Mel

The Business of College Sports
Easy listening from well-known expert personality and legal mind Kristi Dosh, the Sports Biz Miss, that digs nicely into the NIL view from student athletes, athletic departments, marketers, & agencies - surfaces great initiatives and trends.

All things retail in a fast-moving, tag-team format often with witty banter and connection of dots with analyses and headlines.

Your Digital Marketing Coach
Super-accessible topics and delivery with good insight and a “coaching” mindset! WIDE range and justifiably long-running.

Rethink Retail
Covers a broad range of retail topics from leadership to branding to sustainability, in largely compact 20-minute chunks.

Race at Work
A race, equity, and inclusion show with longer form, conversational interviews with executives across industries: higher education, sports, finance, & more including organizations such as Deloitte and the NHL - explores their backgrounds, passions, and initiatives.

Retail Remix
Broad-based retail content with good interviews covering everything from inclusive brands to loyalty to social commerce - and much more.

Into the Metaverse
Where to nerd out on the Metaverse and how to understand it, from today’s building blocks to the pie in the sky big picture that’s down the road. Always starts with the interview question what is the metaverse….and what isn’t the metaverse?!

The Marketing Analytics Show
One of the “deeper” podcasts on this list with a targeted focus on tactics, kpis, and testing – definitely for digital specialists.

Remarkable Retail
In-depth discussion on today’s retail trends & research - ecommerce to omnichannel - often with senior executives of major retail brands.

Name Image Likeness
Another insightful NIL podcast that digs into the topic with interviews of student-athletes, grads/founders, athletics administrators and attorneys - good coverage of the NIL headlines.

What are you listening to? Drop a comment - tell us if you find any of these interesting or what you’re subscribing to! Happy exploring!