ICBA Marketer2Marketer Discussions are an opportunity for those leading in-store and digital marketing efforts to connect and share ideas. Marketer2Marketer networking calls complement the valuable “Smartest Thing” networking sessions that take place each year in-person at the ICBA Conference.


Thank you for joining us for the Marketer2Marketer Discussion! If you are an ICBA Member Store and missed the call, or you want to review anything discussed, you can watch the recording. ICBA Members must be logged in to view the link and password to the recording below.

You can also view a written recap of all the calls (Buyer2Buyer, Store2Store, Marketer2Marketer, & POS) here.


Download written recaps of any calls you may have missed. Note that the Marketer2Marketer calls are summarized along with the Buyer2Buyer, Store2Store, & POS calls, so scroll through the below PDFs to find the Marketer2Marketer summaries. Many of the others calls also touch on aspects of marketing, and may be worth reviewing as well.

October 2020
June 2020


The Smartest Thing, as part of the Buyer2Buyer programming, gathers campus store professionals for collaborative discussions at the annual ICBA Conference. During the Smartest Thing session, participants reflect on the past year, sharing what worked and what didn't. Stores have the opportunity to learn from one another and even crowdsource solutions to their current problems. At the end of the session, participants discuss what they're planning to try next. Each participant then writes down the "Smartest Thing" they heard that day to share with the rest of the group and to take back to their store. 

ICBA The Smartest Thing