At the annual ICBA Conference, all Buyers are immersed in PRIMEtime vendor meetings and professional training. As a Buyer, your vendor meeting schedule is set prior to your arrival and consists of 20-minute PowerSuite meetings and 10-minute PowerHall meetings. During your scheduled appointments, you can discover new products and explore promotions and marketing opportunities. It's a great place to build/nurture supplier partnerships.

ICBA, with the support of our vendor partners, is able to offer a limited number of Scholarships to Buyers in the following Conference tracks: Supplies, Technology, and Apparel/Gift.

These scholarships have a total value of up to $1,125!

$595 in waived/complimentary registration fees, up to $500 in airfare reimbursement, and $30 toward ground transportation.


Offer is good for ICBA Member Stores only.

Buyers receiving an ICBA Scholarship must agree to the SCHOLARSHIP AGREEMENT terms and conditions (below).

Member stores are eligible to apply for a Scholarship for the PRIMARY Buyer in the Apparel/Gift, Technology, and Supplies track.

Airfare reimbursement is limited to the ticketed price of airfare only (up to $500) and does not cover non-ticket incidentals including: upgrades, trip insurance, baggage fees, changes, and other airline incidentals.


By accepting a scholarship, Buyers agree to attend 100% of the Vendor/Buyer PRIMEtime meetings scheduled by ICBA.


  • Store Manager/Director nominates on eligible Buyer for a scholarship.

    Nominations should be sent to JonBibo@ICBAinc.com.

  • Register and Agree to the ICBA Buyer Scholarship Agreement.

  • Reserve and Pay for Your Hotel Room.

    Hotel reservations, accommodations and fees are your responsibility.

  • Book Your Flight and Submit Reimbursement Request.

    Reimbursement is limited to the ticketed price of airfare only and does not cover updated, trip insurance, badge fees, changes and other airline incidentals. Attendees are responsible for airfare posts over $500 and non-ticket incidentals. Submit your receipt and itinerary for reimbursement to Sonda Reinartz at SondaReinartz@ICBAinc.com.

  • Arrange Your Ground Transportation.

    You are responsible for arranging your own transportation to and from the hotel/airport. Primary Buyers receiving free registrations/education and airfare (and agreeing to the ICBA Buyer Scholarship Agreement) will receive $30 toward ground transportation when the airfare reimbursement is processed. (Ground transportation receipts are not required for reimbursement.)

Note: Buyers who prefer not to attend all of their scheduled PRIMEtime meetings may customize their meetings but will not be eligible for Scholarships. Please contact MarcSmith@ICBAinc.com if you would like to customize your Vendor/Buyer PRIMEtime meeting schedule. Thank you!

Registration opens Summer 2019!

Contact us at 800.888.9222 or Office@ICBAinc.com