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Jon Bibo at The Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show - Day 1 Recap

January 18, 2017

Jon Bibo at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show - Day 1 Recap
Las Vegas, NV

January 18, 2017

Busy Day 1 of the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show!

 The show has clearly expanded since last year, both in number of booths and attendees.


At all major industry Conferences and Trade Shows, ICBA tries to bring ICBA Members together to compare notes from the show and have some fun and the SLTS was no different. ICBA members Drew and Carlyn from Tennessee, Mary and Jodi from North Dakota State, Abby and Paige from Auburn, Nicole from Central Washington, and Jon from Oregon all joined us for good food and good discussion at the Margaritaville Restaurant in the Flamingo. (Secret message to the group: WHIVSIV: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!)

Plenty of Interesting items from both well-known vendors and new:

Imitation of water bottle made so popular by S'well were shown in multiple booths. If you haven't added these to your assortment (both emblematic and non-emblematic), we strongly recommend you add them  Sock innovation? Yes! ICBA partner, Strideline, has a sock with a small stretchable pocket on the side that can securely hold an ID and a credit card or two 
 Wrestling Masks are really trending up 

A big industry announcement was made with Top of the World and J America merging into one company. Click here to see the press release.

One of the fun parts of coming to Vegas for a convention is to see what other major conventions are in town...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Concrete World! It is a major construction convention that is being held in the lower level of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall, while the Tailgate Show is in the upper level of the South Hall. Over lunch, I learned about quick-setting cement that is used to repair airport runways at night (the cement sets in just two hours…can’t we find a way to sell some of that to students to help them graduate on time?  Am I reaching here? How about emblematic construction vests?? Work with me, people!). I am also thinking about entering the “Best Bricklayer World Championship that is being held in conjunction with Concrete World (not joking!). The winner takes home $100K and a pickup truck.