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Campus eBookstore

A turn key solution for your store to sell

  • eBooks
  • Access Codes
  • Digital Coursepacks
  • Public Domain
  • Open Educational Resources
The Campus eBookstore platform
  • Allows you to resell digital course materials both online and in-store
  • Allows you to publish digital course materials
  • Can be implemented in one day...really!
  • Is owned by the college store industry (CCRA and ICBA) and operates in the best interest of independent college stores

Campus eBookstore Technology allows you to sell digital products In-Store through your existing POS provider or Online through your existing website.

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What content is currently available?
  • John Wiley has fully loaded their catalog of access codes and ebooks
  • Cengage and McGraw are presently loading selected codes and ebooks
  • Other publishers are ready for expanded pilots prior to full commitment
How much does it cost?
Bookseller Account
  • Flat fee of $400 per month
  • Earn full margin on all products sold 
    Campus eBookstore does not take any margin.
  • Most products priced as "Net". Booksellers set their own selling price and margin.
Start Today. Sign up is easy. CLICK HERE 

Contact Chris Sinkinson at

Campus eBookstore Principals

Principle #1:
The Platform will be licensed or made available by Campus eBookstore for use by independent college store retailers, and will be controlled by independent college store retailers, and will not be transferred to or controlled by software system vendors or integrators, publishers, book wholesalers, distributors or other vendors of books.

Principle #2:
The Platform will support the capacity for inclusion and distribution of faculty-authored content as well as commercially-available materials.

Principle #3:
The business model rules and practices used in concert with the Platform will reflect the academic nature and timings of the collegiate retail marketplace.

Principle #4:
The business model rules used in concert with the Platform will support content sales and marketing practices that offer favorable or emphasized terms for university presses and other smaller publishers as defined by Campus eBookstore.

Principle #5:
The model used by Campus eBookstore for the use and distribution of the Platform will be scalable with the ability to enable digital distribution for the broadest range of college stores (as defined by sales volume and campus enrollments).
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