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Apparel & Headwear Program


ICBA stores saved over $12 million buying with The SOURCE Apparel Program with prices as much as 60% off of vendors’ best pricing! 


As an ICBA Member Store, you are invited to join The SOURCE Apparel Program (formerly the ICBA Commit-Buy-Sell (CBS) Apparel Program). Currently The SOURCE Apparel Program offers adult short- and long-sleeve t-shirts plus youth short-sleeve t-shirts in both 100% cotton and 50/50 blend, 50/50 nine-ounce fleece crews and hoods, 50/50 lightweight fleece crews, hoods, full-zip hoods, ¼-zip pullover, elastic-bottom pants and open-bottom pants, and a low-profile cap.

The SOURCE Apparel Program 

The SOURCE Apparel Program continues to grow and deliver value to your store by reducing your store cost by up to 60%. The SOURCE Program products are quality products from well-known companies. They are not “cheap,” nor inferior to what you currently carry in your store.

Sell & Gain with The SOURCE Apparel Program
The SOURCE Apparel Program is an easy win for all ICBA stores, no matter your store size or market. For the 2015-2016 SOURCE Apparel Program, the smallest commitment was 72 pieces and the largest was 15,000 pieces. Your dollar investment in the program is also accessible and manageable.

Here are just a few examples of how ICBA stores are using their SOURCE Apparel Program:

·         Move your traditional, best-selling graphics (arch school name, seal, mascot, etc.) to The SOURCE t-shirt and realize the extra margin dollars.

·         Use The SOURCE t-shirt as your “everyday low price” t-shirt to improve perceived overall low prices. For example, try three for $20, two for $12. For crewneck fleece, try $14.95 and for hoodies, try $19.95.

·         Use The SOURCE Apparel Program as your promotional shirt (example $5.00 Secret Sales for t-shirts, $10.00 Secret Sales for fleece pants, etc.) to bring traffic to your store, promote value and increase goodwill.

·         Use The SOURCE apparel for campus and community group orders creating positive support for your store.

·         Use The SOURCE apparel for donation requests without cutting into your margin and still supporting your school.

Commit to The SOURCE Apparel Program
This is a committed buying model requiring you to purchase the quantity of t-shirts, fleece or other products to which you commit. Of course, you are free to buy more than your original commitment. If the selected vendor(s) are not licensed with your school, you are free to drop out of The SOURCE program for that category without penalty.

Buy into The SOURCE Apparel Program
ICBA stores who commit to participate in The SOURCE Apparel Program submit up-front commitments for the specific product categories listed before you know which vendor will be selected. Invitations to Negotiate (ITN) are sent to all interested vendors in our industry with the total number of t-shirts, fleece and polos committed by stores. Your upfront commitments enable The SOURCE Vendor Selection Team to negotiate pricing and terms with the vendors from a position of strength. You will not know who the final vendor(s) is until all of the negotiations are complete. The Vendor Selection Team evaluates and selects vendor proposals based on the traditional evaluation criteria (quality, price, shipping, service, minimum, colors, etc.).

Once the vendor(s) is selected, ICBA stores will fulfill their upfront commitments by placing orders directly with the vendor during the program year.

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