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Mission, Promise, Standards & Goals

Independent College Bookstore Association is committed to providing the programs and services that will establish the institutional store model as the preferred management solution for higher education.

The ICBA Promise
  • Exclusive institutional store sharing
  • Unsurpassed buying programs
  • Industry-leading professional development
  • Decision-making voice & pride of ownership
ICBA Standards
Independent College Bookstore Association invites stores that are committed, engaged, successful, innovative and ethical. If you aspire to these same standards, we invite you to join us.
  • Committed - Maintain a long-term view of shared success and trust.
  • Engaged - Active on campus and in the industry through formal and informal networking.
  • Successful - Function as a successful retail operation while fulfilling the campus mission.
  • Innovative - Advance with calculated risk through vision and leadership.
  • Ethical - Personal responsibility. Shared principals and values. Sincere. Honest.
Strategic Goals
Enhance relationships as owner stores, between stores and vendors and with other organizations. Discover cooperative activities with other industry organizations that support or have independent stores as members.

Support owners with marketing, campus relations, product forecasting, fiscal, freight, professional development, internet and technology, merchandising, consulting and other retail management services.

Create outstanding retail programs in apparel, giftware, consumer electronics, computer products, school and office supplies, fine art supplies, merchandise bags, operational and more.


Provide the best opportunity for interaction at multiple levels of store management through the annual ICBA Retail Conference, vendor exchanges, area workshops and internet learning systems. As Independent stores, the ICBA culture delivers a value unavailable in any other venue. ICBA is the coming together of owners and decision-makers prepared to openly, freely and enthusiastically share operational improvements and a commitment to putting our schools and students first.

Use internet and technology to deliver ICBA's benefits and value to owner stores.
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